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Koop and Gerda live in a small place called Drijber in the northern province of Drenthe. 

Drenthe is one of the most northerly provinces of the country which means that in the big nationals the birds have to race the longest distances. Nevertheless they have belonged to the best long distance lofts for years now.

A good start in 2008

Some of the national results

two times 1st National Ruffec
two timesl 5th National Ruffec
6th National Ruffec
two times 3rd National St. Vincent
2nd National Bergerac
7th National Bergerac
9th National St. Vincent
9th National Bergerac
10th National Bergerac
The result is 23 times on videotext under the first 10 national positions including 5 national wins.

Photos: Fred La Brijn and Martin Kwakernaat
- Pigeonsport